Is it true that high grade gasoline is good for the engine?

    "Master, do you want to add 95 gasoline? Fast acceleration, good for the engine". I believe that many car owners will hear the staff yell when they go to refuel. After seeing the difference of 0.5 yuan, many car owners who originally wanted to add 92 gasoline changed their flags instantly. "OK, 95 gasoline is full". If you calculate by 60 liter tank, it will cost 30 more to add a full tank than 92 gasoline About yuan, we need to know that there are many people who queue up for half an hour to refuel for the price reduction of about 0.2 yuan. I believe that many car owners themselves are also muttering, "95 gasoline is really so good." of course, some people are worried about whether they can add 95 gasoline to the car that recommends 92 gasoline. Next, the top rubber bearing of Mellon will answer for you one by one.

    In terms of fueling, car owners are generally divided into three categories. One is that they don't understand the car at all and are fooled by others. They don't know how much gasoline they should add to their car. They don't even read the label on the fuel tank cover. The second category is that they only think it's expensive and don't think it's right. The owners of these vehicles generally drive cars that are recommended to add No. 92 gasoline and add No. 95 or 98 gasoline. The third category is that they do things according to the requirements Add as many numbers as recommended.

    95 or higher gasoline quality?

    First of all, we need to understand a common sense problem. The high and low gasoline grades have nothing to do with the quality of oil products. Unlike some gas station staff, the purity of high-grade gasoline will be higher. High-grade gasoline only has stronger knock resistance with the increase of octane number. There is a key component of the automobile engine called knock sensor. When the sensor detects that the engine knock, the driving computer will change the ignition time of the spark plug according to the calculation to suppress the knock phenomenon. In terms of the probability of knock, the low-grade gasoline is more likely to knock than the high-grade gasoline. Of course, because of the different design of each engine, the anti knock measures should be taken For example, German turbocharged engines prefer high-grade gasoline, while most Japanese engines are less picky.

    Recommend No. 92, can you add No. 95?

    In fact, each car will indicate the gasoline label on the inside of the fuel tank cover plate, such as "please fill in 92 or above unleaded gasoline", which means that 92 gasoline is recommended. Of course, if you don't need money, you can add 95 or higher gasoline. In the same gas station and there is no problem with the quality of gasoline, whether 92 or 95 is added to the power and engine There is no influence or promotion, just more comfort.

    Mellon top rubber bearing said that it should be noted that the vehicles required to fill 95 gasoline cannot fill 92 gasoline, because the engine needs higher knock resistance. If 92 gasoline is added, the engine's knock resistance will be reduced, resulting in severe vibration, cylinder knocking and other damage to the engine. If you don't know how much gasoline you should add to your car, remember a principle to increase the label as much as possible, because gasoline is upward compatible, but if the manufacturer suggests adding 92 gasoline, adding 92 gasoline is right, there's no need to imagine some harm, otherwise more money will not be spent, and the power will not be increased.

    Can you improve the power of the engine by increasing the number of gasoline?

    This is a trick for many gas station staff to promote sales. At present, most of the cars on the market are filled with 92 gasoline, and the number of cars filled with 95 gasoline is much less. Only some German turbocharged models and luxury brand models require 95 gasoline, and the storage time of gasoline in the gas station cannot be too long, otherwise the quality of oil will be affected, so a lot of gas will be added Station staff will sell, sometimes even take out the trump card of price reduction, just like a gas station selling fuel oil treasure before, it has nothing to do with improving power and prolonging engine life. If 95 gasoline price is reduced one day, the price after the discount is the same as 92 gasoline, you may as well add 95 gasoline at this time, although how good it is, there will be no harm. It's just a pull up point The oil station is just wool.