Discussion on problems in high temperature weather

    1. The engine water temperature is too high. Add antifreeze. The excessive water temperature of the engine is mostly caused by the lack of antifreeze. The vehicle should be stopped in a cool place to cool down. Do not turn off the engine. Let the engine continue to run at idle speed. Open the cover of the machine to dissipate heat. When the temperature drops, add antifreeze to the water tank. Do not pour cold water into the engine. This can cause the engine block to crack and cannot be repaired. Merlin suspension strut support bearing said that some car owners simply use tap water instead of antifreeze, which is a wrong way. Because there are many impurities in the water, it is easy to leave sediments in the engine, water tank and other places, so water can not be used to replace antifreeze.

    2 Check the cooling system and clean the radiator in time. It is also necessary to check whether the "thermostat" works normally and never remove the "thermostat". Because the "thermostat" is a switch to control the circulation of coolant, which can keep the engine working temperature in an optimal range, so that the engine will work with the strongest power and the lowest wear and fuel consumption. If it is removed, it will cause parts wear, and the low water temperature will lead to the decrease of power and the increase of fuel consumption.

    3. Clean the water tank and condenser. Water tank and condenser are important components of vehicle cooling system and air conditioning. With the long-term use of vehicles, dust, sediment, catkins and so on will be mixed in the gap between the two, which will affect the water temperature and air conditioning refrigeration performance.

    4. Adjust the tire pressure in time. In summer, the high road temperature leads to the decrease of tire heat dissipation, which is easy to cause tire blowout, so the tire pressure should be reduced. After long-distance driving for a period of time, park the vehicle in a cool place to cool the tire naturally. Do not pour cold water to avoid tire deformation.

    5. Avoid vehicle self ignition at high temperature. Vehicle self ignition is mainly caused by vehicle leakage or oil leakage. If the car is not properly maintained, the parts are aging and the circuit is damaged, it is easy to leak electricity. However, the tank is prone to oil leakage if it is corroded for a long time. Therefore, to avoid self ignition in high temperature, it is necessary to start with car maintenance.

    6. Frequent use of air conditioner, air duct and filter element should be cleaned in time. Moreover, pay attention to refrigerant leakage and poor refrigeration. This is usually caused by aging of sealing rubber ring in the pipeline, abnormal refrigerant pressure and damage of system components. In addition, pay attention to the working condition of the cooling fan.