Company Overview

YUHUAN MRLUN MACHINERY CO., LTD. was establised in 2009, and professionally for developing and producing automobile McPherson suspension strut bearing
The main equipments are: precision stamping machine, high precision CNC machine, high-end injection molding machine, automatic assembly line, high precision testing equipment and testing equipment, with more than 200 sets
Certification: IATF16949:2016、ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2018
Invention patent: over 20
Annual capacity: 15 million sets
Employee: over 140, research and development with 25, quality management with 20
Marketing network: export to over 60 countries and areas and over 20 provinces in mainland.

Company Overview
  • MRLUN Quality

    We have perfect management system and perfect quality control

  • MRLUN Product

    Our products cover the mainstream market structure

  • Customized

    We have a professional R&D team to support customized development

  • MRLUN Equipment

    We have high-precision production and testing equipment to ensure the product quality

We can customize structures such as new energy

Metal structure

01Bearing upper cover

02Retainer +steel ball

03Sealing ring

04Bearing lower cover

With seal and metal construction

01Plastic upper cover

02Steel ball raceway

03Retainer +steel ball

04Steel ball raceway

05Plastic lower cover

06Iron outer ring

Compound labyrinth structure

01Plastic upper cover

02Steel ball raceway

03Retainer +steel ball

04Steel ball raceway

05Plastic lower cover

All plastic structure

01Bearing upper cover

02Friction plate

03Bearing lower cover

04Sealing ring

More than 20 professional and high-quality technical developers.

The technical center is mainly responsible for the research and development of new products for suspension bearings, as well as the updating and upgrading of old products、The research and application of technology validation、processing technology &mold fixture testing technology、detection product performance testing technology,、metal materials and heat treatment technology,it's the core department of the company's process、 research 、technical standards etc.

  • Mature technology and process analysis capability

  • Fast design capability of special structure

  • Perfect quality control capability

  • Rapid quality response and after-sales service

  • Equipment development / application capability

  • Mature supplier bargaining power

  • Ability to cooperate with high-quality suppliers


  • Clarify the needs
  • Sampling
  • Design
  • Set Test
  • Test
  • Monitoring data
  • Expertise
  • Solutions and suggestions
  • Detail-oriented
  • Availability
  • Responsibility
  • Technical support
  • deliver
  • Final test

We have perfect testing equipment
to ensure the product quality

  • IQC
  • PQC
  • FQC
  • OQC
  • Central feeding for injection molding
  • Production line of injection molding
  • 11 Station Continuous Die Stamping Forming
  • Continuous die stamping forming
  • Robot stamping forming
  • Automatic punching
  • Stamping automatic blanking
  • Precision machining center
  • Heat treatment production line
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Automatic installation line for steel ball bearings with retainer
  • Automatic installation line for Chip type bearings
  • Automatic installation line for full steel ball bearings
  • Automatic installation line for full steel ball bearings
  • Automatic installation line for steel ball retainer
  • Automatic installation line for needle roller bearings with retainer
  • Metallographic analyzer
  • Roughness tester
  • Profilometer
  • Special crushing testing machine for steel balls
  • Pulling force testing machine
  • Vickers hardness tester
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Shore hardness tester
  • MRLUN Value

    Strive for profit, Strive for development, Attach importance to scientific research,continuously creative, observe law and discipline, Maintain reputation, make no exception, happy work, environment protection, Benefit the community

  • Quality policy

    Quality first, reputation first, management first, and service sincere.

  • Environmental and occupational health policies

    Comply with compliance obligations applicable to environment, occupational health and safety, protect environment and reduce occupational health and safety risks;Strengthen the environmental protection, occupational health and safety awareness of all employees, and create a new modern enterprise image

  • MRLUN philosophy

    The unremitting pursuit of quality, unswerving faith in technology, adherence to business ethics, fearless response to changes, and responsible for employees


The talent concept is:Achieve people with career, unite people with culture, and standardize people with system!

Achieve people with career:The broad development prospect of MRLUN attracts a large number of talents who are willing to make a career, and provides them with a career platform to play freely and a broad development space .The enterprises and individuals will grow together through joint efforts,so as to achieve the goal of retaining people and achieve people with career.

Unite people with culture:gathering people will make flourish of culture:cooperation form unique charm Mrlun enterprise culture, the culture attract employees, condensed staff to promote the development of Mrlun.

Standardize people with system:Take the system to regulate the behavior of employees and work procedures,Institutionalization and standardization are the foundation of enterprise operation and management, as well as the necessary conditions and foundation for the growth of MRLUN.

Date: 2009

The company was originated in 2009 and leased the factoryin Xiadoumen, with 20 employees and factory area of 500㎡

Date: 2010

In 2010,the Mrlun moved to Mixing village and leased factory area of 1000㎡, with 40 employees after 1year effort.

Date: 2012 - 2014

MRLUN passed ISO9001 in 2012;
MRLUN moved to Kanmen Science and Technology park in 2013 ,leased factory area of 3000㎡ and with 100 employees;
MRLUN passed ISO/16949 in 2014.

Date: 2019

Self-built plant with area of 9000㎡ and 140 employees; obtained IATF16949 Quality Management System Certificate in 2019, added new automatic assembly line, injection central feeding material system, automatic progressive die stamping line, CNC manipulator, etc.

Date: 2021

Was rated as scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise of Taizhou Science and Technology Bureau and passed the certification of standardized management enterprise.

Date: 2022

Obtained ISO14001 Environmental System Certificate/ISO45001 Occupational Health System Certificate.

the responsibilities

the responsibilities

In the process of development, we have always maintained a harmonious coexistence with the ecological environment. From the selection of raw materials to the innovation of production processes, we have always insist the concept of environmental protection through every process of R&D and production to build a sustainable environmental protection enterprise.