• Special structure customization service

    When you need customized services,the experienced experts will contact you to determine your needs and understand your projects and specifications. Once all details have been customized and agreed, our design work will start, and we will provide preliminary samples for review and discussion at the meeting.

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  • Product and project consulting

    We provide product and project consulting to understand your needs better. We provide mass production services for mainstream structural products in the current market, and provide customized services for special structures. You can make some necessary inquiries according to your needs.

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  • R&D and application

    It is very important to study the customer's needs. Therefore, we will continue to invest in how to find a balance between low cost and high efficiency to protect customers' interests before delivering products. We will continuously improve our R&D technology, production and testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

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  • The after-sale service

    Our liability will not terminate after the completion of product delivery. If you have any questions, our external and internal technology R&D teams will provide you with technical support at any time. In case of quality problems, we will cooperate with your requirements to improve the product.

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