The deputy governor was pleased with the work of Yuhuan.

Date: 2022-03-13


In March 13th, the deputy governor of Zhejiang province was happy to come to Yuhuan with a tour of the old industrial point and the construction of the small and micro enterprise garden.

He emphasized that while vigorously promoting the transformation of old industrial sites and small and micro enterprise parks, Yuhuan should actively guide enterprises in the park to strengthen 

technological innovation and technological transformation, accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries, and achieve high-quality and green development.Jiang Bingfeng, vice 

mayor of Taizhou, and the leaders of Yuhuan, Lin Xianhua, Wu Caiping, Sun Qun, Du Niansheng and Cai Mugui were accompanied by the investigation.


he same day, happy husband visited the north of Tai Ping Tang Small and micro businesses park construction, small water port old industrial transformation and transformation and upgrading of the 

marine economy demonstration area Small and micro businesses park construction, to meet with my understanding of 59 old industrial transformation and 24 Small and micro businesses park construction plan.

He pointed out that Yuhuan has made great determination in the transformation of old industrial sites and small and micro enterprise parks, and has done great efforts. It has great experience and practice. 

It is worth summarizing and promoting.


Yuhuan Meilun Machinery Co., Ltd. Yuhuan Huiyue bearing Machinery Co. Ltd. intends to two enterprises in the park, happy husband into the workshop and asked about production, business situation 

and development vision.

He encouraged that the "new wine in old bottles can not", the majority of enterprises in the park to be in the future, to move into Small and micro businesses Park as a new starting point, increase 

technological innovation, accelerate the pace of efforts to promote the machine substitutions, transformation and upgrading, to achieve high quality, continuous development of fission, bigger and stronger.


During the tour, happy husband, Yuhuan will continue to explore the experience and practice of refining the old industrial transformation and Small and micro businesses park construction, adhere to 

government led, unified planning, unified operation and management, really good run, boosting the optimization and upgrading of enterprise development, industry, urban and rural areas of great change.

In the process of promoting to establish production integration of the city concept, the reasonable layout of park enterprises living facilities, improve the public service, convenient production and life of staff;

 according to local conditions, scientific and flexible with good policy, guarantee the land, capital and other factors for strong project construction; overall quality of enterprise production and management, 

step by step to upgrade to ensure a smooth and orderly economic development.