Our abilities


Technical capability

We have a professional technical R&D team - more than 30 professional technical R&D personnel

Fast sample delivery capability

We have complete equipment to provide customers with support of fast sample delivery demand

Cost control ability

  • Mature technology and process analysis capability

  • Fast design capability of special structure

  • Perfect quality control capability

  • Rapid quality response and after-sales service

  • Equipment development/application capability

  • Mature supplier bargaining power

  • Ability to cooperate with high-quality suppliers

The customization process

  • Clarify the needs
  • Sampling
  • Design
  • Set the specific value
  • Test
  • Monitoring data
  • Expertise
  • Solutions and suggestions
  • Attention to detail
  • Availability
  • The responsibilities
  • Technical support
  • deliver
  • Special organization
  • Final test

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We have perfect testing equipment
to ensure the product quality

  • IQC
  • PQC
  • FQC
  • OQC
Our responsibilities

the responsibilities

In the process of development, we have always maintained a harmonious coexistence with the ecological environment. From the selection of raw materials to the innovation of production processes, we have always insist the concept of environmental protection through every process of R&D and production to build a sustainable environmental protection enterprise.