Car beauty industry without a fixed standard car owners to buy to be cautious

Date: 2022-05-08

As we all know, the car is a high consumer goods. In addition to the daily use of expenses, vehicle maintenance costs are also high. According to incomplete statistics, at present city of Taizhou in average every five people have a car, Meilun shock absorber bearing said due to various reasons, owners Chushe automotive beauty decoration, blindfolded, Aizai, flicker occur from time to time. Among them, the lack of fixed standards for automotive beauty industry, the industry charges opaque, resulting in consumer confidence in the automotive beauty industry greatly reduced.

Car beauty talent shortage, access threshold is low

Currently, the average price of a car wash a car in 10-20 yuan, the price of automatic car washing is higher; the price of the car dust, ozone disinfection and other clean items frequently hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, car decoration Cosmetology industry access threshold is very low, as long as 3 to 5 people, a high-pressure water gun, a few bottles of car wax and several rolls of explosion-proof membrane, together with a few simple tools and a small decorative beauty shop open, even people a piece of pipe, a few pieces of cloth, on the side of the road opened "convenience" beauty shop.

According to Mel Lun shock absorber bearing, automobile decoration lack of professional technicians car decoration, car decoration Cosmetology industry assessment standards has not been introduced. Although the technology, service is relatively higher standard of automobile brand 4S shops have their own decoration sector, relevant staff after the manufacturer of formal training, but basically can only be polishing, waxing, interior cleaning, installing reversing radar and other decorative items. For the post explosion-proof membrane, glazing, basically is outsourcing or looking for professional technicians to handle.

Due to the car after the decorative beauty, a short period of time is difficult to distinguish the quality and effect, making the market a lot of free formal training, no professional brand-name products, non specialized machinery and equipment, guarantee the quality of service of the "four no" decorative beauty shop everywhere. According to the understanding of the Meilun shock absorber bearing, my city automobile cosmetology practitioners are mostly migrant workers, many only junior high school education, learning techniques is master apprentice mode. Automotive beauty technology to teach and update speed is very slow, knowledge and technology is very limited, the use of beauty products are basically according to the instructions to operate, very few people to study the principle of its work.