Daily how to maintain the safety of tires

Date: 2022-10-21

Such as the foot of the person, the tire has a pivotal role, not only to bear the weight of the load, but also in the face of complex road. It is one of the important guarantees of security, so to take good care, not only to often check, but also to learn to change their own in the emergency. You will not? Just follow the Meilun shock absorber bearing Study hard!

Note: the most vulnerable side of the tire

It tires, tire is the most serious security risks, how to produce flat tire structure but also from the start. Meilun shock absorber bearing is introduced: from the tire surface polishing can be seen on the graph, steel wire, rubber tire positive comparison by a layer by layer alternately bonded together and strong; and the front side of the tire structure, sidewall side is thin, no wire adhesion, but by the thin line adhesion, only one the thick wire inside, to play a supporting role of tire.

It is due to the special structure of the tire, if the side of the tire is damaged badly, and most of the time only to replace the new tires. If do repair, when the compression is prone to burst. Because the connection of the front and side tire is very thin, therefore, in most cases, tire is in this position. When the wheel is running at high speed, it will produce high temperature, and the pressure of the tire will affect the change of temperature. Tire pressure is insufficient and rapid speed, high temperature, easy to burst.

Meilun shock absorber bearing to tell you some use of tire skills:

1 check if the tire tire, cut injury position in the side of the tire, severity can not be repaired, it needs new tires.

2 tire size cannot be changed arbitrarily, so to choose and match their car tires.