The driving reason should avoid sideslip

Date: 2021-09-15
Many drivers when they see the front of a large area of water will tend to slam the brakes, as soon as possible to reduce the speed of passing through the water section. It is right to reduce the speed of the water passing through the water, but the behavior of the emergency brake is dangerous. Brake disc and brake sheet of water will form a water film phenomenon, easy to make braking slipping and the left and right sides brake balance, as a result of differential damage larger, and secondly, easy to make the vehicle sideslip caused by the accident.

Meilun shock absorber bearing remind autumn, people tend to a feeling of weakness, fatigue, is the so-called "autumn var"; at the same time, the temperature gradually decreased, rain, fog, frost gradually, it will appear in the above said similar!

One, the vehicle after a hot summer, brake fluid and the lubrication parts of the lubrication oil by a long time running, its technical indicators have different degrees of decline, therefore, the driver must strengthen the full range of vehicle inspection, maintenance, to ensure the recovery of vehicle technology. When the vehicle sideslip, should use "Diansha" operation method, at the same time, the direction toward the sideslip direction, so that the vehicle sideslip under control. Prohibition on stepping on brake.

Second, autumn is fog prone season, fog, low visibility, the driver should slow out of the bus, to strictly control the speed and safe distance and open at the same time anti fog, hazard lights and trumpet warning.

Third, late autumn fog and frost dew to pavement covered a layer of water film, the driver should strictly follow the drizzly weather driving rules, control speed and safety distance, avoid the emergency and the emergency brake, in particular to avoid hitting the direction and at the same time take emergency braking, beware of the vehicle sideslip caused by traffic accidents.

Meilun shock absorber bearing reminder note: 1, keep enough distance running. 2, open the fog light or rear fog lights to show the target. 3, driving can not blindly too fast. 4, the temperature is low, extremely easy to form a thin cream, smooth road, should pay attention to avoid taking emergency brake. 5, if the vehicle fault, or must wait for the fog dispersed to driving, shall open bright fog lights and headlight and double flashing light, close to the roadside parking, in the rear of the car 30 meters outside placed clearly marked.

Fourth, fog prohibited entering the highway, if in highway found his way in the fog should immediately reduce the running speed and control to ensure the safety speed range, beware of rear end and, when necessary, in the recently leave the motorway at the exit.

Five, autumn as the cab temperature difference between inside and outside of the larger, the inside of the windshield often cast a layer of water vapor and blocking the line of sight, the driver should pay attention to avoid the windshield on the condensation of water vapor, avoid the side of the road side wipe water vapor, beware of to run the direction collision occurs, fell ditch, or rear end accident.

Meilun shock absorber bearing remind driver friend attention fall ride: should maintain a high degree of vigilance, travel must reduce the speed and maintain a uniform driving speed, traffic intersection, to slow down in advance in the event of. Outer ring road driving, especially in the corners should be careful, driving direction should not be too fast, and avoid the emergency brake, prevent skidding.