After the beginning of autumn leaves to prevent car maintenance

Date: 2021-07-23

After the beginning of autumn, large temperature difference, noon heat, cold morning. Meilun shock absorber bearing said in the summer after high temperature and rain, the car made a contribution, at horse trapped lack, in case the weather suddenly turns cold, "immunity" must be discounted, so as the owner, you don't forget to give the car to do for Ji Baoyang.

Car environment need to be completely sterilized

After a long, hot summer, car laying carpet and glue and other interior already covered with dust, car pillow, cushion bred a lot of bacteria, in the high temperature catalytic, these dust and bacteria easily give off a bad smell.

If often open a window can dispel the smell, but after the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually cool, the car windows are often closed, so the air inside began to become turbid, odor and bacteria will be on human body health constitute a hazard. If this continues, to the winter, car air mobility will become very poor, so it is organising in the summer for the car to a complete interior sterilization and clean.

Air conditioning filter to clean replacement

Summer, the vehicle often wading, such air conditioning condenser may stained with mud, a long time, a lot of silt sand and dust, and the service life of the air conditioning will be seriously influenced. Therefore, in summer, be sure to check the maintenance of air-conditioning. The service life of automobile air conditioning depends largely on whether it can get the correct maintenance and maintenance.

Meilun shock absorber bearing said that the automobile air conditioning system in use process, the air will flow in the blower, refrigerating system evaporation tank, heating system of the small water tank and the air duct. As long as the air conditioning system blower or the air intake mode choice in the indoor cycle, regardless of whether the use of refrigeration devices, air will enter the system. The air in the process of circulation in the surface of the device will accumulate a lot of dust, water, bacteria and other dirt.

Leaves to plug the drain hole need to clean up in time

Whether urban highways and country roads, Meilun shock absorber bearing said with the arrival of autumn and leaves the floor, although this is to shine together beautiful scenery line, but the driver friends also care beautiful leaves may also danger.

Hidden in the car we can not see the invisible place of the leaves, of course, is also very likely to hide in the drainage hole, with the increase in the number of drainage holes may be blocked, if not get timely clean-up and clear, it will lead to rust aging parts, thereby affecting the use of the vehicle.