Winter car how to avoid being static electricity

Date: 2022-11-16

Autumn and winter, "static" everywhere, often a not careful to be "electricity". Pull the door handle and the finger was "spike" undress "crackling" sound, even the door switch will be electricity, that in many owners wearing gloves with the vehicle key spire with car glass door closed. Meilun said although the electric shock absorber bearing static dead people, but a feeling of numbness in the hand, really make people uncomfortable.

Scene one:

Ms. Lee is ready to get off, the is in the hands of exposure to that moment in the door frame, just listen to "ouch" a sound, Lee quickly retracted the electrostatic shengteng hands. Later, she rubbed a little numb hands, trying to find some wet things in the car to rub hands, but the car did not wet paper towels, wet towels, etc.. Helpless, she could only muster the courage to contact that makes her formidable metal objects, however, this time she not directly with the fingertips to touch the door, but the first attempt with the back of his hand touched the door, when has confirmed the absence of electrostatic before long Shu breath to open the door.

Scene two:

When the owner took out the key contact to the door of the moment, "pops" twice, saw the key and the door contact point seems a little spark, a relatively strong pain sense made the man quickly back two steps. Apparently, he was static electricity.

Scene three:

In a parking lot, Miss Liu got out of the car, the comparison of alternative door way, lifted his foot and forced to kick toward the door, in total disregard of my high-heeled shoes may bring to the car paint wear. Closed with the foot is not because she took things in the hands of the empty, but because she is in the dry season, the door will be static electricity to the electricity, has been afraid of her, and then did not dare to close the door.

Scene four:

An underground parking lot, Ms. Jiang owners go to their car in front of, and did not immediately open the door, but touching parking next to the cement column, and then take out a anti-static key buckle the door contact, when in the keychain light a small lamp extinguishes again, she finally on hand opened the door. The in front of the car to do a series of movements to Ms. Jiang, to autumn and winter is very fear to the door switch, according to her own that may have caused mild mental illness, as long as the thought to contact the metal objects, and my heart there is a bit timid.

Meilun shock absorber bearing said the cause of static electricity:

One is chemical fiber fabrics, such as carpets, seats, clothing and other friction, in the dry autumn and winter season, chemical fiber fabrics than cotton, linen, silk fabrics more easily make the body produce static, and according to the different people's physical, electric quantity is not the same, some people's physical special, easy to store the friction generated by static electricity, with any of the items are to discharge. On the other hand, the dust in the air and the metal surface of the body each other to produce electricity, a touch of the car, it will produce a discharge phenomenon.

Electrostatic hazard:

The body and the car has limited power, the voltage is not enough to give the car and man-made consequences, but even a very small current, it will make people feel uncomfortable, serious when the static electricity will cause headaches, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms, and even can cause various kinds of cardiovascular disease. Of course more dangerous is with electrostatic to the gas station, because the electrostatic backfire accident actually is not in the minority.

Meilun shock absorber bearing said anti-static is actually not difficult:

1, as much as possible to increase the humidity of the skin. Static electricity is not easy to produce in the wet condition, or use a moisturizer to let the skin "drink water".

2, do not wear chemical fiber products. Try to wear cotton clothes, because cotton clothes are not easy to produce static electricity.

3, often hand washing, to avoid the accumulation of static electricity. When there is a small amount of static electricity, you can wash your hands can release the static electricity.

4, do not directly contact with the metal products, you can first touch other things, the transfer of electricity, the most direct way is to touch the ground.

Meilun shock absorber bearing representation for the car, should be simple and direct solution of the electrostatic type dust adsorption, autumn winter season the owner had to wash several times more than the. Of course, there are other tricks can make.

1, dilute the glycerol wipe the body. There is a more economical way is to dilute the glycerin after the body brush again, you can let the vehicle to maintain a period of time without static.

2, the instrument table wet towel. With a wet towel on the meter, the use of the sun's light makes the moisture in the towel quickly evaporate, so as to increase the humidity inside the car, can also be a short time to deal with static electricity.

3, hand on the wall wipe. Go out to wash a hand before you go out, or put your hand on the wall and wipe it off. In order to avoid electrostatic hit, can be a small metal device (such as keys), cotton cloth, such as to touch the doorknob to eliminate static electricity, and then hand touch.

4, less open air conditioning. Within the circulation air conditioning makes itself has a very dry car more can not keep a little water. Semi open window (to avoid letting the wind blow directly on the body).