Meilun do not remind long-term parking car

Date: 2021-07-28

Often some owners for various reasons, the car will be parked in the garage for a long time. In this case, Meilun shock absorber bearing said that long-term parking for cars harm is quite large. Therefore, it is not recommended to owners on the go, long-term parking, the higher the fault rate of the automobile.

Why not do long-term parking for cars, Meilun damper bearings:

One is oil seal is easy to aging, because suspended vehicles, oil seal around the contact force is not uniform, until the oil seal has permanent deformation, it is easy to spill.

Two is the oil oxidation corrosion mechanism, long-term vehicle stopping, oil oxidation phenomenon will be very serious. When starting again, the cylinder and the piston will form a dry or semi dry friction and friction, to accelerate the wear of the parts, but also greatly increased resistance, resulting in difficult to start.

Three is the battery early retirement. Now, cars are generally used lead-acid batteries, which is characterized by once automobile produces self discharge. Under normal conditions, the battery self discharge every day and night can make the capacitance decreased by more than 1%. Meilun shock absorber bearing remind particularly serious, long-term battery self discharge, the surface of the plate to produce sulfide, affect battery recharge effect and eventually lead to battery discarded ahead of time.

Four is a long-term parking, the tire will be deformed. The car stopped, the weight of the car by the 4 tire ground contact parts to withstand, resulting in contact compression shrinkage deformation. Automobile suspended longer, deformation parts is not easy to recover, to around the tire weight distribution changes, rolling radius is not uniform, cause uneven tire. Once the car into the high speed, the body will be shaking, can accelerate the tire wear and tear, but also to bring security risks.

Five is a long-term parking, the car's electronic components out of the fault. Automotive electronic components and connectors have a common characteristic, is to waterproof, moisture and anti-corrosion, otherwise it will lead to failure. Meilun shock absorber bearing said for suspended vehicle electronic components or in joint line, the possibility of moisture will be greatly increased, and suspended for a longer period of time, and the probability of failure is higher.