Summer, to guard against potential safety hazards such as auto ignition

Date: 2020-11-05

Temperature rise to the "upset". According to Mel Lun shock absorber bearing, summer frequent traffic accidents, traffic in the summer, keep energetic, overcome fatigue driving is very important, but also to beware of car ignition, tire burst because of seasonal factors brought traffic safety hidden danger.

Take the heatstroke heatstroke drugs

Summer temperatures are high, the driver sweat more, energy consumption is large, prone to heat stroke. For the prevention of heat stroke, the owners before driving and driving way should avoid eating spicy greasy food, and pay attention to add salt. To onboard kettle and a towel, and prepared to take Dan, Shi Dishui heatstroke drugs; keep driving indoor ventilation is good, the way, pay attention to rest.

It is worth mentioning is that in high temperature driving, driving personnel easy mood be agitated, once encountered outside stimulation, such as other vehicles extrusion lane, night crossing is not high beam lamp etc., easily lead to emotional, and aggressive behavior, such as to make the car not to speed, overtaking a sharp turn, night than light, extremely easy to cause the accident Meilun shock absorber bearing said. Therefore, to remind the owners need to pay attention to control their emotions in the driving process, truly comity three first.

Not wearing sunglasses

Many owners are accustomed to wearing sunglasses when the arrival of the summer, in fact, this is not conducive to safe driving. Of dark sunglasses, will delay the eyes of the images are sent to the brain. This visual delay will cause the distortion speed feeling, wear sunglasses driver made a wrong judgment. Studies have indicated that the reaction time of the driver's reaction time is prolonged by 100 milliseconds, which will increase the braking distance of 2.2 meters.

Check engine cooling system

High temperature in the summer, the engine is easy to overheat, can easily cause accidents such as auto ignition. Therefore, in the summer of owners should strengthen checking and maintenance of engine cooling system, the timely removal of debris in the tank scale and radiator chip embedded; carefully check the thermostat, water pump, fan performance, damage should be repaired in time, and pay attention to adjust the wind fan belt tension; timely filling the cooling water. When the temperature of 100 DEG C should be parking in the shade cool, let the engine idle running, and opened the hood to facilitate heat dissipation. When the engine is overheated, never use engine flameout (motor - driven fan except), nor to pour cold water on the engine to prevent the explosion of the body.

Meilun shock absorber bearing remind in addition, explosion-proof tyre owners should always pay attention to the tire pressure, especially before traveling on the highway, but also to check carefully. Generally speaking, the air pressure in the summer tire to be lower than the normal tire pressure value of about 10%.